Welcome To Blairsville Mulch

We Spread Our Mulch For You Cheaper Than You Can Buy It In The Big Box Stores!!!

Blairsville Mulch has been serving the North GA and North Carolina Mountains since 1980!! We are not your average mulch distributor.

The average Blairsville Ga mulch distributor is just that. They buy pre-packaged mulch by the pallet, you bring your own vehicle and, depending on the establishment, either load it yourself or they have someone help you.

There might be a service offered to deliver your mulch to you if you do not happen to have a big truck or the desire to haul it yourself. Some places hire whomever they can get off the streets to come and fling the mulch out for you. It seldom offers a professional quality job!!


Blairsville Mulch Offers Hassle Free Perfection!!!


Blairsville Mulch uses quality, local sourced, wood mulch. Our mulch has not sat in plastic bags sweating and starting to rot, waiting on you to come by and take it home. Always bulk sourced.


 We offer three different quality levels. One is sure to fit your budget.


We offer single ground, grinder quality mulch for those larger areas that need to be covered on a budget. It doesn’t look bad and it stops erosion in it’s tracks. Our most economical level.

The next level is our premium  double ground, hardwood mulch, version. A beautiful, lighter brown, natural mulch. It is also nicknamed “bank hugger” after it’s ability to really stick to a steep bank or slope.

Premium double ground, food quality dyed mulch is our high tier service that is still budget conscience. Double ground for perfect texture. Double dipped in dye to give that extra longevity we all desire.




WE deliver the mulch, prep the area to be mulched, give a generous four inch cover, smooth and shape to perfection. All you need to do is enjoy the beauty, and not worry about needing to maintain the area.


Blairsville Mulch Is Budget Conscience.


The average bag of dyed mulch at those big box stores cost an average of $2.75 per bag. sometimes a little less if they are having a “sale.” A little more if paying for just a couple of yards.

One cubit yard contains 27 feet of mulch or 27 bags. First off our yards are heaped. They are more like 35 bags. The average price for a yard of mulch, before delivery, before installation. Just sitting there in a sweaty pallet, comes to $74.25

WE have bought and paid for, delivered to your property, site prepped, spread, smoothed and shaped yards for as little as $100 per cubit yard. Is it worth $25 to you to never need to touch the mulch? 


Blairsville Mulch is owned and operated by Blairsville Landscaping. Contact Blairsville Mulch Now